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Combat sports room in Nogent-sur-Seine



  • 1 dojo:
    – 2 8 x 8 m combat areas,
    – 4 6 x 6 m combat areas
    with refereeing area,
  • 1 boxing gym with fixed ring,
    1 recovery room,
    1 weight room,
    1 viewing room,
    1 weigh-in room,
  • 1 multi-sports hall with
    1 weight room,
    1 recovery room,
    1 viewing room
  •  400-seat bleachers
  • Administrative areas,
    locker rooms, equipment rooms,

Located 1 hour from Paris by train and car, Nogent-sur-Seine is a bucolic town, with the Seine winding through its center. All the accommodation and catering options are less than 5 min from the sporting facilities. It offers two sports training sites.

A new dedicated space for combat sports

The city has decided to capitalize on its sporting history and connection to combat sports. A new 2,200 m² building is devoted entirely to the practice of judo, karate and boxing. The dojo has two 8 x 8 m combat areas and four 6 x 6 m combat areas with a refereeing area. Next to the dojo, a boxing gym with a fixed boxing ring completes the sporting offer. Everything has been designed for high-level sport, as the building also houses a recovery room, a weight room, a viewing room and a weigh-in room. The overall reception leaves nothing to be desired. You have access to administrative areas, equipment rooms, an infirmary and an ultra-modern locker room. You can follow the competitions in the 400 seat bleachers with 10 PMR spaces.

A multisports hall

A hall (designed to international standards) featuring parquet flooring, a weight room, a recovery room and a viewing room provides you with the best possible conditions for practicing basketball.
This hall is equipped with 300-seat bleachers.

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