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Jacques Diot and André Keslick fencing hall



  •  8 electronic competition pistes
  • 4 training pistes
  • 6 additional electronic pistes
    if required

The Troyes fencing hall is situated in the André Père indoor sports complex (Cosec) at the heart of the Henri Terré sports center and the Aube Sports Center.

International recognition

The hall has already hosted several international delegation camps (Team France, Tea China’s women’s épée fencing team in 2016).

The space features 8 electronic competitions pistes and 4 training pistes, with the option to add 6 additional electronic pistes.

This facility offers an experienced technical team among its features and is part of a national and international network due to the reputation of its three masters of arms

Perfectly suited for para-athletes

It has been designed for parasports practice and also hosts international camps (U23 wheelchair fencing with the teams of France, Georgia, Hong Kong and England).

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