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Gymnastics hall



  •  500-seat bleachers
  • 133-place landscaped car park

An ultra-modern hall

The Gymnastics Hall is situated at the heart of the Henri Terré sports center and the Aube Sports Center.

It features a “sports” area comprising a main 1,450 m² hall with 500-seat bleachers, equipped with all the gym apparatus required for men’s and women’s gymnastics. It also accommodates tumbling and trampolining.

There are adjoining choreography and weight rooms and locker rooms.

A second zone features two gymnastics rooms with locker rooms.

A friendly and functional space

An “administration” area for hosting athletes and management, with a training/meeting room, offices, a locker room and equipment rooms.

There is a bar in the entrance hall.

This building has been fully designed to host foreign delegations and international competitions.


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