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Fernand Ganne gymnasium in St-Julien-les-Villas



  •  200 m² catering area
  • Wifi (throughout the gymnasium)
  • 1 VIP lounge
  • 1 meeting room
  • 1,600-seat bleachers
  • 1,140-place car park for easy
    parking outside the gymnasium

The gymnasium at Saint-Julien-les Villas offers a calm and preferential setting to host optimal sports training

A choice setting

You will have access to a site dedicated to high-level team sports with all the modern facilities you could need. Everything has been designed to host athletes and management staff in the best possible conditions.

The site is PRM-accessible, as is access to the sports area and all the facilities (locker rooms, restrooms, showers).

Facilities for high-level practice

The main hall has been completely renovated. It has a 1,000 m² parquet floor, FFBB-accredited baskets and 7 m² display screens that can be fully configured to your criteria. It can be turned into a handball hall by rolling out a Teraflex surface.

To complete the offer and accommodate high-level practice, a 350 m² weight and recovery room is directly connected to the “parquet”. The ultra-modern locker rooms have facilities that can be tailored to your requirements

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