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Piscine des Chartreux



  •  1 large 50 x 21 m Olympic pool
    with 8 lanes and 1 removable
    partition wall at 25 m
  • A second 15 x 10 m pool
  •  3 diving boards:
    • 1 x 1 m trampoline
    • 2 x 3 m trampolines
  • 1 x 5 m platform
  •  500-seat bleachers

Chartreux swimming pool is situated at the heart of the Henri Terré sports center and the Aube Sports Center.

An adaptable aquatic center

This center offers training areas for the following Olympic sports: water polo, swimming, synchronized swimming and Paralympic swimming.

The swimming pool comprises one large 50 x 21 m pool with 8 lanes, a removable partition wall at 25 m, a minimum depth of 1.1 m and maximum of 3.85 m, and a second pool, which measures 15 x 10 m with a minimum depth of 0.75 m and maximum of 1.3 m.

There are also 3 diving boards, one measuring 1 m and two measuring 3 m, and one 5-meter platform. There are also 500-seat bleachers.

A pool accustomed to hosting major competitions

These facilities are designed to host national and international competitions, training camps and regular training sessions. High-level water polo is a regular feature in Troyes, which hosts regular international training camps.

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